Bill and the Belles' Old Time Breakdown (Aug 2017)

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  • ​​​​4 IBMA AWARD NOMINATIONS! Have you heard the news? We’ve got a gaggle of award nominations to celebrate! Bill and the Belles is up for a Momentum Award, as is the show we’re the host band for, Radio Bristol's Farm and Fun Time! And our very own Kris Truelsen is up for the Special Award for Broadcaster, AND a Momentum Award for Industry Involvement! We work mighty hard to share music we believe in with you, and we’re so grateful for the nod of recognition. Check out the other amazing people on these lists, and keep supporting the arts!  

Thank you so much for supporting live music! We believe in the power of music to do good and we know you do too. Hope to see you soon! 

Bill and the Belles