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“What may be the most innovative modern interpretation of vintage roots music.” -No Depression

"Bill and the Belles is committed to helping early country music remain appreciated – not just replicated." -Rolling Stone

"Bill & The Belles might be just what your musical palette needs, as they birth a formula that embraces old time country, girl groups of the ‘60s, and the very early days of rock’n’roll" -Take Effect

“Happy Again introduces some new textures to the band’s sound… but the fundamental, classic country, gather-round-the-radio sounds that Bill and the Belles tap into haven’t changed a bit, and neither has their charm.” -No Depression

“You’ll get a kick out of it. It’s a welcome reprieve from the always raging storms of life.” -Farce the Music

“The entire production is delightful… Expertly played… Reeks of 60s melodic magic.” - American Highways

“It’s Americana as dark comedy.” -Tinnitist

“Delivers lilting, upbeat melodies, excellent harmony vocal work, and a pervasively playful mood.” -Jeff Burger

“They’re a joy to watch live, and we bet you can’t make it through their set without smiling.” -The Bluegrass Situation

"Bill and the Belles' brand of Americana oftentimes feels like it's turning back the hands of time with their charming vintage sound." -Pop Matters

“Equal parts traditional folk, vaudevillian and meta-modern aughts entertainment, Bill and Belles put on a show that is sure to stand the test of time, much like the acts that preceded them, and perhaps the ones to follow.” -Now It's Nashville

“All that’s missing when you spin a track from Bill & the Belles is the hiss of a 78 in the background.” -Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine

Photo credit: Billie Wheeler

Photo credit: Billie Wheeler

Photo credit: Billie Wheeler

Photo credit: Billie Wheeler